Roundup: It’s Not A Regular Practice to Have A Hot Fudge Sundae

Micah Kellner is suing “arrogant” Mayor Bloomberg over trash in the Upper East Side.

Tupac Shakur composed some of his early verses for Charles Barron.

Michael Grimm danced the Salsa.

As did Nydia Velázquez, but in a senior home aligned against her candidacy.

Velázquez didn’t describe her own voting record correctly in last Friday’s debate.

She’s engaged in local issues with new constituents, like liquor licenses.

Black Star News endorsed Charles Barron.

Charlie Rangel hopes to do well in the Bronx, where at a recent campaign event there José Serrano declared him to be a “special human being.”

A Sephardic group has a scary-looking ad against Barron

While Wendy Long was endorsed by the National Organization for Marriage.

A Republican State Senate candidate wants the Conservative line, even though she has a same sex marriage.

CUNY’s Center for Urban Research fleshed out their interactive congressional map with even more data.

Condi Rice is starring at a Mitt Romney fundraiser.

Could Barack Obama be saved by growth in the Rust Belt?

What the Arizona immigration law ruling from the Supreme Court did and did not decide.

Justice Antonin Scalia “wrote a 22-page barnstorming dissent” in support of the Arizona immigration law.

Romney’s campaign isn’t taking a position on that ruling.

Obama has “an overwhelming lead among Latino voters” nationwide.

But The Fix theorizes the ruling could hurt him at the polls.

And he doesn’t often have ice cream: “It’s not a regular practice to have a hot fudge sundae.”

A member of the Westboro Baptist Church is running for a seat on the Kansas Board of Education.  

Roundup: It’s Not A Regular Practice to Have A Hot Fudge Sundae