Roundup: Overheard

At a gala fundraiser for the Mayor’s Fund to New York City, Mike Bloomberg is overheard saying that he will remain neutral in the presidential race, but thinks Mitt Romney would make a better  president. Among the guests who dished on the mayor’s comments were a reporter for the New York Times who overheard Hizzoner.

In a dramatic video, the Senate Democrats claim there’s still much to be done.

Both Hakeem Jeffries and Charles Barron think the race will be close.

Rory Lancman is out with a rather harsh new mailer going after his opponents on national security.

WNYC has an interesting demographic map of the new 6th Congressional District.
Emily’s List is using online ads to support Grace Meng.

The Labor Press endorsed Lancman.

Bloomberg is a campaign issue in a Western New York congressional race.

A look at what the lawmakers in Albany are working on as the session comes to a close.

An actor who played a drug dealer in The Wire marched against stop-and-frisk yesterday.

Chuck Schumer is staying mum on the Charles Barron situation.

The Mount Morris Monitor endorsed Clyde Williams.

Why trouble at Community Education Centers could be devastating for Chris Christie’s political prospects.

Step aside soda ban, Washington D.C. is targeting beer.

Why do conservatives win GOP primaries more than liberals win Democratic ones?

A raucous convention in Iowa could be a bad omen for Tampa.

President Obama’s executive order halting deportation of many undocumented immigrants put the GOP in a tough position.

Rielle Hunter said that John Edwards had many more mistresses before her, including some he apparently made up.

John Kerry will play the part of Mitt Romney in President Obama’s debate rehearsals.

Why the president’s golf habit is overblown.

If Mitt Romney is elected he will turn his budget policy over to Congress, which would be worrisome, writes The Political Animal.

Politico says the battle over Bain Capital is “barely making any sense.”

Bank records and jail call transcripts were released for George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin in February.

Roundup: Overheard