Roundup: The Divide-and-Conquer, No Compromise Crowd

Ed Towns is reportedly set to endorse Charles Barron.

Simcha Felder shifted his explanation for supporting Barack Obama in 2008.

Lew Fidler said he’s not taking a judgeship.

Shelly Silver walked back that “big brother” comment.

Charlie Rangel will embrace his Puerto Rican ancestry with an upcoming award.

Elizabeth Crowley has been consistently tardy at campaign events.

She called for more infrastructure investments.

Three Brooklyn lawmakers will call on Eric Holder to investigate stop-and-frisk.

Michael Grimm was outraged that a bill banning selective abortions stalled in the House.

A New York Times writer criticized the legislation.

Frank Seddio switched his plans from a special election to the scheduled 2013 one.

Dan Halloran disagreed with the soda ban.

Backers of a minimum wage raise are making an end-of-session push.

A Polish Republican State Senator knocked President Obama’s gaffe on the country’s death camps.

Kirsten Gillibrand’s Republican opponents blamed her for the poor job numbers.

Joseph Hayon expects retaliation for his endorsement of George Maragos.

Peter Vallone jammed last night.

Very modestly sized donuts were served at Madison Square Park today.

Obama couldn’t dunk in high school.

Speaking at a rally for Tom Barrett, the Democratic candidate in the Wisconsin recall, Bill Clinton described Governor Scott Walker and Republicans the “divide-and-conquer, no compromise crowd.”

The Fox News producer who lost a job offer with CNN for making an anti-Obama video can keep his job with Fox.

Democrats hope a sex scandal in the North Carolina Democratic Party won’t cost them votes in the Tarheel State.

According to a new poll, Obama’s supporters appear to be more energized.

Roundup: The Divide-and-Conquer, No Compromise Crowd