Roundup: We Can Say He Is A Dead Tiger

The NRCC differed with the DCCC on the meaning of last night’s election results.

Steve Israel suggested congressional incumbents skip the Democratic Convention to campaign at home.

Hakeem Jeffries said the government should help with “crushing” cost of religious education (i.e. yeshivas).

He ran up huge margins in Brooklyn’s Russian and Jewish neighborhoods.

Wendy Long won by winning Upstate.

Gatemouth said Vito Lopez lost yesterday.
A Satmar leader agreed, declaring “He called himself a tiger and now we can tell you, we can say he is a dead tiger.”

His long-term plans against Nydia Velázquez were certainly complicated.

That Occupy Wall Street congressional candidate got just 752 votes, which he described as “spectacular.”

Grace Meng’s pathbreaking candidacy could theoretically be a tie in November.

Jerry Nadler wrote an op-ed on “cargo, the terrorists’ trojan horse.”

Ed Koch weighed in on a Westchester assembly race.

Mitt Romney’s campaign and the Washington Post dispute an article on Bain Capital, but the Post isn’t backing down.

Democrats are worried about being outspent by Mitt Romney’s super PAC backers.

A Republican group is trying to raise money to air a beer commercial spoof that calls President Obama “The Most Arrogant Man In The World.”

Ann Romney and Michelle Obama are having a “Presidential Cookie Bake-Off.”

A Sad Day On Capitol Hill: Congress calls an end to “Seersucker Thursday.”

Reality TV train wreck Jon Gosselin endorsed the pro-marriage counseling platform of N.J. congressional candidate Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

Roundup: We Can Say He Is A Dead Tiger