Schaer supports budget, won’t sign onto letter

Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-36) backed the budget in committee today and won’t sign onto a letter drafted by caucus members who won’t back the budget unless leadership delays a vote on a higher education merger.

While he won’t sign the letter, Schaer continues to have worries about a merger. 

“Assemblyman Schaer has not been approached by the signatories of the letter to sign on himself,” said Andrew Schwab, the assemblyman’s chief of staff. “He plans to vote for the budget as he did in committee today. He does have significant concerns about the proposed higher education reorg, specifically in terms of how much it costs and thinks a second and third look at the proposal would result in much better public policy.”

Sources said earlier in the day that Schaer – nursing doubts about the merger – had mulled signing onto the Cryan letter. His decision not to sign and to back the budget diffused the notion that insurrectionary forces had succeeded in peeling anyone else free for an all-out intra-caucus war.

Following the budget committee’s passage of the budget, the prevailing mood in Trenton was that Democratic leadership in the Assembly would be able to muster the votes to pass the budget of the floor.

Schaer supports budget, won’t sign onto letter