Shepard Fairey’s ‘1984’ Gains Screenwriter

A redesign of the cover by Mr. Fairey. (Courtesy Obey)

The new film version of George Orwell’s 1984 , executive-produced by street artist Shepard Fairey, has just gained a screenwriter, Deadline Hollywood reports.

Noah Oppenheim will adapt the book for the new version. According to Wikipedia, Mr. Oppenheim was a producer of The Today Show, and won a daytime Emmy for his work there. He also “co-created CNBC’s ‘Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer,’ was Executive Producer of ‘Scarborough Country,’ and Senior Producer of ‘Hardball with Chris Matthews.'”

Mr. Fairey has his fair share of political experience as well. He is best known for his Andre the Giant-inspired Obey logo and his Barack Obama Hope posters. That work led to a lawsuit, which he lost, over the illegal use of an Associated Press photo as the basis of that work.

The film will also be produced by Brian Grazer, Julie Yorn and Rick Yorn.

Shepard Fairey’s ‘1984’ Gains Screenwriter