Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon Interviews Richard Prince

Ms. Gordon. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Interview just put up an interview with Richard Prince, conducted by Kim Gordon, guitarist and bassist for Sonic Youth, whose 2004 album “Sonic Nurse” used a Prince Nurse painting for its cover.

There are some great tidbits about the artist’s new show at 303 Gallery, and how the works there came about. Here’s Mr. Prince:

It started out pretty silly. I asked myself a question: If Hollywood cast the part of an artist, what would they have the artist do in the movie? It sort of started that way. And I thought whatever Hollywood would have an artist do would be pretty simple and kind of stupid. My daughter had braces at the time, and I would find these tiny little rubber bands that were always popping out of her mouth. So that gave me an idea. I used the bands to make the letter O. Then I started to write the word “asshole” around that letter, and I decided to call them “the asshole paintings.” That’s how it started.

I dropped the Hollywood part. And then one day I decided to work with a larger rubber band. I decided to find out everything that had to do with rubber bands. And then one day, I stretched the rubber band I was using and I wanted to make the shape stay, and I realized I couldn’t stick it on with paint, that wouldn’t hold it, so I just picked up my staple gun and stapled it. The two gestures were married that afternoon. It was kind of a lightbulb moment. And somehow the blackness of the band created a line that didn’t look like a rubber band anymore. It became part of the surface. And yes, you’re right about the randomness of the shape. It’s just whatever. You can do them pretty quickly, too.

That show closes tomorrow and is great, don’t miss it!

Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon Interviews Richard Prince