Sovereign States Need to Up Their Twitter Game

What are the world's countries doing on Twitter?

sweden on twitter Sovereign States Need to Up Their Twitter GameThis morning, The New York Times exposed the story behind the @sweden Twitter account, an official page owned by the Swedish government that features a different citizen every week. Though Twitter declined to comment on national Twitter accounts, we thought it might be fun to see how other nations are using this highly-valued communications channel. As it turns out, Twitter may be underutilized as a government tool; in fact, most the accounts had been suspended, although Twitter does not explicitly disallow national handles.

@afghanistan: Suspended.

@antigua: Some guy kickin’ it in Antigua.

@australia: This unofficial account has three tweets and more than 6,000 followers.

@brazil: Suspended.

@brunei: Suspended.

@canada: A dutiful citizen (who also owns @japan) is attempting to hand this account over to the state.

@colombia: Suspended.

@cuba: Suspended.

@egypt: Protected account owned by a girl in the Bay Area. Her bio reads: “I AM NOT EGYPT THE COUNTRY. OKAY? I AM. NOT. EGYPT. THE. COUNTRY.”

@fiji: Someone tweeting in Japanese.

@greece: Two tweets and an egg.

@hungary: Hungary hasn’t tweeted yet.

@india: Domain name supplier.

@iran: News aggregator The Iran Project.

@jamaica: Tweets news links about Jamaica to more than 11,000 followers.

@kazakhstan: Looks like someone trying to sell the handle.

@laos: Run by Ray, in Nashville, Tenn.

@maldives: Tweets about the Maldives, mostly about hotels.

@mexico: Surprisingly racy?

@nepal: “A designer, a blogger, a dreamer, an enthusiast and a wanna be entrepreneur.”

@panama: Suspended.

@peru: Suspended.

@poland: Suspended.

@rwanda: Suspended.

@saudiarabia: Saudi Arabia has tweeted once.

@singapore: Suspended.

@russia: Россия has a broken profile picture and no tweets.

@southafrica: “This is the Official Twitter page of South African Tourism for North America.” It has been verified by Twitter.

@thailand: Suspended. Probably tweeted a picture of the king.

@uganda: Someone who does not appear to live in Uganda.

@usa: Some dude.