Spirit of Thomas Jefferson Groans as University of Virginia Reinstates President

A little more than two weeks after the University of Virginia’s board canned Teresa Sullivan as university president—after hedge fund manager Peter Kiernan, a key fundraiser for UVA’s Darden School of Business, declaimed the move as a victory for something called “strategic dynamism,”—and after Paul Tudor Jones II, another hedge fund manager and founder of the Robin Hood Foundation, invoked the “spirit of Thomas Jefferson”* in a newspaper op-ed cheering Ms. Sullivan’s ouster…well, this happened. According to The Wall Street Journal:

The University of Virginia board voted unanimously Tuesday afternoon to reinstate ousted President Teresa Sullivan, a rare reversal on the heels of two weeks of protests from faculty, students and alumni.

The board also unanimously approved a statement of support for Helen Dragas, the head of the board of visitors, who had engineered Dr. Sullivan’s removal earlier this month.

*”Change is never easy and often quite messy,” Mr. Jones wrote in a June 17 op-ed supporting Ms. Sullivan’s ouster. “But here is one thing on which you can rely. The spirit of Thomas Jefferson, the first rector of the University of Virginia, is cheering this bold action by the Board of Visitors. Jefferson was a change agent, a man of action and a perfectionist. To paraphrase him, it is time for a revolution.”