State Enlists Robert De Niro to Attract Businesses

Robert De Niro in the old New York in 1988. (Photo: Wikimedia)

The final accomplishment Governor Andrew Cuomo touted at his legislative victory press conference yesterday was the launch of an ad campaign to lure business investments into the state, and that some star power had been acquired to make sure the ads packed a punch.

“This is New York State,” Robert De Niro’s voice declares over one of the commercials. “We built the first railway and the first trade route to the West. We built the tallest skyscrapers, the greatest empires. We pushed the country forward. Then, some said, we lost our edge. We couldn’t match the pace of the new business world. Well today, there’s a NEW New York State.”

Indeed, the entire ad campaign is entitled, “The New New York Works For Business,” so that businesses know that it’s not the old New York in New York anymore.

(Hopefully the current iteration of the Empire State stays new and future governors won’t need to declare the existence of a New New New York.)

Mr. De Niro is not the only recognizable voice in the ad either. The commercial concludes with the chorus from Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind.”

The other ads, created by BBDO in exchange for a $50 million state contract, are a little more generic and feature local business owners detailing their recent success stories interacting with the government.

State Enlists Robert De Niro to Attract Businesses