Stephen Colbert Loves Slate Podcasts So Much

Does this count as breaking character?  Stephen Colbert is such a huge fan of Slate’s Gabfest podcast that he once called editor David Plotz to ask why an episode was late, according to a Nieman piece on the economics of podcasting from earlier this week. (Mr. Colbert had previously showed his hand when he called guest Emily Bazelon “a podcast superstar.”)

And apparently he’s not the only fan-boy. Slate podcast downloads “typically reach five to six figures per episode.”

General interest papers like The Boston Globe are abandoning podcasting—waste of time and resources, they say—publications with narrow audiences and opinion-driven content like Slate can make a killing, reports Nieman. Brand mentions in Slate podcasts are the most expensive ads the company sells and have the highest sell-through rate.

“What makes it work is not a groundbreaking format but an expertly arranged mix of personalities: editor David Plotz and writers Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson have an infectious rapport,”  Andrew Phelps wrote.