Tenure reform clears one more hurdle

TRENTON – The Assembly Budget Committee released a teacher tenure reform bill that calls for raising the tenure eligibility period from three years to four years and requiring more evaluations.  

Amendments in the form of an Assembly bill, A3060, were made to Sen. Teresa Ruiz’ bill, S1455.

Ruiz’s bill was passed unanimously by the Senate Thursday.

Like yesterday, Republicans and Democrats heaped praise on Ruiz for her hard work and dedication to the subject.

“This is the first significant change since we were children,” Democrat Albert Coutinho said about teacher tenure reform.

The bill also calls for tenure charge cases to move more quickly.

The issue of education reform is one that Republicans wanted to continue to see progress on. Assemblyman Jay Webber said more needs to be done to fairly compensate teachers. He described the teacher tenure reform bill as a good step in the right direction.

Ruiz, who testified before the committee, agreed more needs to be done to make sure American students remain competitive.   


Tenure reform clears one more hurdle