The 100 Most Entertaining Tech Twitterers

  • As bloggers, we spend a fair bit of time on Twitter, watching the tech talk flow forth, a never-ending river of gossip and congratulations and insidery chit-chat. Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that since everyone realized social media can be a tool for, ugh, “brand building,” folks have become a little guarded, a little too chipper, and far too self-promotional.  Founding a company is, apparently, the kind of career that turns a thrill-seeking 20-something too wild for Wall Street into the kind of person that uses the jargon-stuffed platitudes best left to @FakeGrimlock (no. 6 on our list). You are square. And you are putting us to sleep.

    But there are still a few crazy diamonds shining on out there, handy with a quip, ready to leap feet-first into a fight, and generous with the #realtalk. We’ve therefore rounded up a 100 of them for your enjoyment.

    As for the rest of you? Step up your game, pronto.

    Here is a Twitter list with all 100 users, for your easy-following pleasure.


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