The Justin Bieber Controversy Continues to Envelop Staten Island Politics

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“Proud to be an American”-gate is far from being over, especially if you live on Staten Island.

If you’re just paying attention now, the entire controversy started when a New York City school replaced the famously patriotic song with Justin Bieber’s “Baby” for a kindergarten graduation ceremony, a move that caused Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm to declare, “Justin Bieber is not a Substitute for American Patriotism.”

Other Staten Island pols, including the GOP opponent for Democratic State Senator Diane Savino, reacted similarly. However, Ms. Savino wasn’t especially impressed with either Republican’s flag-waving rhetoric on the issue.

As reported by the Staten Island Advance:

She slammed both Republicans for being absent from Sunday’s Vietnam War remembrance ceremony.

Ms. Savino, who attended, said the song “God Bless the USA” was played at the event “and there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd, which they would have known if they’d showed up.”

“If they want to show patriotism, that was the place to do it,” said Ms. Savino. “If we’re going to wrap ourselves in the flag, let’s show a little consistency.” …

“First of all, Ms. Savino should mind her own counsel, because she couldn’t keep up with my schedule or appearances if she cloned herself,” Grimm said in a statement released by his office. “My fellow veterans know that I attend as many of their events as I can, but I have to be fair and represent all my constituents as equally as possible.”

He added, “Lastly, the idea that I forfeit my rights as an American to voice my opinion in opposition to this principal’s abhorrent decision-making is not only baseless, it’s asinine.”

If there are any updates on this important topic, we’ll be sure to update you further.

The Justin Bieber Controversy Continues to Envelop Staten Island Politics