Thief Returns Dalí to Adam Lindemann’s Gallery

Salvador Dalí, “Cartel des Don Juan Tenorio,” 1949. (Courtesy Venus Over Manhattan)

The New York Post reports that the man who stole a $150,000 watercolor-and-ink work by Salvador Dalí from Adam Lindemann’s Venus Over Manhattan gallery last week mailed the work back to the gallery shortly after stealing it. The work, Cartel des Don Juan Tenorio, arrived at JFK International yesterday and is described as being in “exceptional condition.”

The gallery reportedly received an e-mail on Monday afternoon that read, “Cartel on its way back to you already,” and provided a tracking number. Cartel was sent from Europe, with an illegible return address.

Mr. Lindemann, a columnist for this paper, described the experience of having it stolen as “quite surreal” in The New York Times last weekend. Boy, he didn’t know the half of it, huh?