Tobia Bezzola Named Director of Museum Folkwang

The museum, which includes an extension by David Chipperfield. (Courtesy Rainer Halama/Wikipedia)

Tobia Bezzola, head of exhibitions at Kunsthaus Zürich, has been named the new director of the Museum Folkwang, in Essen, Germany. He had been with Kunsthaus since 1995, and had been in his current position since 2001. Mr. Bezzola has curated dozens of exhibitions, including shows of Joseph Beuys, Françis Alÿs and Thomas Struth, and has contributed essays to numerous catalogues, among them the book for the 2010 exhibition The Original Copy: Photography of Sculpture, 1839 to Today, which Roxana Marcoci organized at the Museum of Modern Art.

The Museum Folkwang is home to a photography collection that numbers more than 50,000 pieces, and also has major holdings of 19th and 20th century art, including Martin Kippenberger’s 1986 installation Tankstelle Martin Bormann, which includes a photo of the gas station that the artist acquired in Brazil. Capitain Petzel described the origin of the work in the release for a 2009 show it hosted:

Besides Rio de Janeiro, Kippenberger also visited the North of the country, acquired a gas station by the sea in Salvador de Bahia and named it “Tankstelle Martin Bormann/Gas Station Martin Bormann.” The rumour that this prominent exponent of National Socialism had fled to South America at the end of the Second World War was still persistent in the 1980‘s. With the fictionally acquired gas station, Kippenberger gave Bormann a camouflage address and the possibility of an income in exile. Kippenberger allegedly installed a telephone line and employees were obliged to answer calls with ‘Tankstelle Martin Bormann.’

You’re a lucky man, being able to play with that work, Mr. Bezzola. Congratulations.

Tobia Bezzola Named Director of Museum Folkwang