Today Is Officially ‘Justin Bieber Appreciation Day’ in New York!!

(Photo: Mr. Stringer’s Office)

In front of hundreds of screaming teenage girls at J & R Electronics store — with thousands more snaking the sidewalk outside — Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, a likely candidate for mayor in 2013, declared today to be a “very, very special” day for a certain pop sensation.

“I want to present to you Justin, on behalf of the 1.6 million people that live in Manhattan, a very, very special proclamation and to recognize J & R Electronics as a mainstay of this community,” Mr. Stringer announced, pausing for effect. “So on behalf of the people of Manhattan and the power invested in me as Manhatan Borough President, I hereby declare ‘Justin Bieber J & R Appreciation Day’ in the Borough of Manhattan!”

The crowd, presumably there for the launch of Mr. Bieber’s new album Believe rather than to witness the proclamation, nevertheless proceeded to go wild with screams. Those at the front of the line had been camped out in front of the store since the previous night while those unfortunate enough to have arrived today were stuck somewhere in the endless line stretching for blocks and blocks outside. Tourists walking by the gates of City Hall could only stop and stare.

For his part, Mr. Bieber seemed unperturbed by the adoration, holding up the proclamation and smiling as the plethora of reporters filled the air with camera flashes before settling into the duty of signing album covers for the anxious teenage mob in front of him.

After issuing the proclamation, Mr. Stringer was forced to hurriedly leave the event, less the crowd completely close off all exits. An attempt to find the borough president was unsuccessful, but reached via phone, Mr. Stringer didn’t sound like he was overly starstruck by the entire affair.

“I don’t give proclamations to people I don’t belieb in,” he explained.

Of course, Mr. Stringer is no stranger to hanging out with celebrities, especially Scarlett Johansson.

Watch the proclamation below:

Today Is Officially ‘Justin Bieber Appreciation Day’ in New York!!