Election Day: What Are You Watching–Reader Response

A City Council aide has an interesting take on how the Jeffries/Barron race and the Meng/Lancman/Crowley race are intertwined around the issue of Israel

The beginning of the NY-6 race [between Grace Meng, Rory Lancman and Liz Crowley] was framed as an Israel race, following the script of the previous race in NY-9 with Turner and Weprin. Look at the role of [former Mayor Ed] Koch and others. Lancman framed himself as the Israel candidate and put a lot of his stock in Jewish turnout. That was the focus of the Jewish electeds and media in this city, that is until [Charles] Barron became a threat. Now [Jewish] attention has been refocused to try to deny Barron a seat in Congress rather than work for Rory in the media and on the ground. Defeating Barron is a greater priority it seems. It could be damaging to Lancman, who has little room for error in a tight three-way race where labor is split as well.

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