Update: New Members Added to Fantasy Algonquin Round Table Draft

This was just an embarrassing oversight. Mr. Franco could make up the entire group by filming himself reading monologues from Three's Company and then having one of his NYU students edit them into holograms that talk over each other.
A reader advised us to switch out Hamish Bowles for Simon Doonan. The author, designer, and VH1 talking head just seems like more fun.
A comedian and an award-winning playwright, Mr. Birbiglia has the added bonus of being a New York fixture, like the Moth Ball or Caroline's.
A brother/sister team is even better than a married couple! She's a stand-up comedian who writes for both TV and the glossies, he's a "viral marketing hot dog" who founded Buzzfeed. Together, they are unstoppable.

algrt Update: New Members Added to Fantasy Algonquin Round Table Draft

The O.G. Algonquin Round Table (Al Hirschfeld)

Our earlier post today about who should be on The Algonquin Hotel’s 2.0 Round Table (House Rules: “No Twittering, Skyping Okay,”) has garnered a lot of responses, mostly in the form of “You should take out X and replace them with Y.”

Well, luckily there were more than 11 people on the Round Table (original flavor), and there is certainly room for more speculation. So, here are the new submissions…and as always, send us your picks!

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