W.i.P.’s Bottle Service Bash: The Fallout

Jay-Z's club puts kibosh on overpriced liquor

You won’t be seeing this at Barclays’ 40/40 Club (Patrick McMullan)

After last week’s glass-shattering fracas between Drake and Chris Brown at SoHo’s W.i.P., New York’s nightclub scene might be seeing a dip in bottle service. Hey, we’re not complaining.

Jay-Z in particular is taking a stand against bottles, which are used by gentleman to broadcast to anyone in the nearby vicinity that they are, in fact, ballers. Though his 40/40 clubs in in Chelsea and Atlantic City will still offer the service, the proposed location at Barclays Center–where the rapper holds a stake in the Brooklyn Nets–has put its foot down.

As a spokesperson for Forest Ratner, the developer for Barclays, told The New York Post:

“The 40/40 Club will have no bottle service,”…defining that as “bottles of hard liquor,” such as gin and vodka, “being sold at inflated prices of up to $600 . . . to be purchased and [drunk] all at once in a club setting.”

Since the Center is already having a tough time getting their license–thanks to outcry from community leaders who believe that offering drinks after sporting events will lead to trouble— this move could be seen as a compromise for the more extreme forms of alcohol consumption on the premises.
Champagne and wine will still be available in bottle form, once the club gets its liquor license, that is.
W.i.P.’s Bottle Service Bash: The Fallout