Watch a Couple of Math Teachers Trolling Khan Academy

Nerds gone wild, you guys.

 Watch a Couple of Math Teachers Trolling Khan Academy

Watch out, you’ve made the math teachers mad. (Photo: jurvetson)

Video-learning nonprofit Khan Academy is basically the hottest thing in edtech, complete with TED talk and Gates Foundation grant. But you know who thinks it’s a load of crap? These two Grand Valley State University math teachers. In fact, reports the Chronicle of Higher Education, they’re so annoyed that they’ve taken to the YouTubes with a Mystery Science Theater 3000-style parody.

The description: “Two teachers sit down to learn about math teaching from a man who is Bill Gates’ favorite teacher.” It comes complete with a goofy little musical intro. Sample dialogue: “Bill Gates calls him the best teacher he’s ever seen,” greeted by a sarcastically dramatic gasp.

Somehow we’d forgotten just how cutting math teachers can be.

The Chronicle reached out to Mr. Khan himself, who responded: “There’s always the critique that Khan Academy is not pedagogically sound, that we’re procedural-based, focusing on mechanics without base understanding,” adding, “But I actually think we’re the exact opposite of that.”

It’s okay, Mr. Khan, they can’t put you in detention any more.