Watch: Lana Del Rey Plays Jackie Kennedy

Gaga who? Lana Del Rey, who may have picked up a taste for trolling the public after her Saturday Night Live caterwaul that befuddled even Brian Williams, has released a video for “National Anthem” wherein she plays both Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy–and depicts John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

President Kennedy, here, is played by rapper A$AP Rocky–and the Lana/Rocky pair is depicted in degraded Presidential tableaux, playing with children and smoking while buttering toast. Lana makes a convincing enough First Lady, in diamonds and blue sheath with big fake lashes, but the video, in appropriating one of the biggest news events of the 20th century to illustrate a song whose lyrics are about money as aphrodisiac, seems button-pushing in a not-very-thought-out manner.

A Google search for “Lana Del Rey National Anthem illuminati” retrieves over 1 million hits.