Weekend Roundup: Last-Minute Legislation; Pet-Friendly Bills; A Quakertown Detour

The three Republican senate candidates will debate on NY1 this evening.

State Senator Bill Larkin endorsed Wendy Long.

Headline: “I want to slap the closest white person”

The Post argued former City Councilman Noach is a “dangerous hack” as he issued new standards for open container violations.

While the Daily News called the action “insane” and said he should be removed from his judicial position.

David Storobin introduced school choice legislation.

He went on Zev Brenner’s radio show last night.

A deal has been reached for a state takeover of the three state-owned racing tracks.

Another deal was made on making viewing child pornography illegal.

And an anti-cyberbullying bill is expected to pass before the end of session as well.

Governors Cuomo and Christie called for federal assistance with the 9/11 memorial.

Elizabeth Crowley on what distinguishes her candidacy: “I think I’m more moderate than my two opponents.”

The New York Post endorsed Adriano Espaillat.

Espaillat’s campaign argued that the Espaillat campaign is doing well.

The Post saw something suspicious in a non-profit Espaillat previously supported.

Drug use is common on the city’s waterfront.

Staten Island lawmakers are focusing on pro-pet legislation.

Mitt Romney wouldn’t say whether he’d overturn President Obama’s order to stop some deportations.

Rick Santorum said Romney’s trying to “walk a line” on the issue.

For many immigrants, that new executive order has brought relief.

Deportations are still a nightmare, even with this order.

Obama is using the thread of Sheldon Adelson’s cash to fundraise for his own campaign.

Romney and Obama are preparing for a Ohio showdown.

Romney’s bus tour took a detour through Quakertown to avoid protesters.

Weekend Roundup: Last-Minute Legislation; Pet-Friendly Bills; A Quakertown Detour