What’s That Jacket, H&M?: Martin Margiela Plans Ready-Wear Apparel

H&M gets the Maison Martin Margiela treatment!

In Kanye West’s infamous “Ni**as In Paris,” (made more infamous by Gwyneth Paltrow’s tweetroversy) there is a line that goes “What’s That Jacket, Margiela?”

Surprisingly, Margiela is not  the name of some pretty girl, or even a French slang term for “pretty girl” (as some may originally have guessed), but the name of a Belgium designer Martin Margiela. Mr. Margiela is known for making some pretty weird stuff… at exorbitant prices.

And pretty soon, you’ll be able to stand in line for days for a chance to buy cheaper versions of these designs at H&M! Yes…the latest big-name (or at least, expensive-named) designer to collaborate with a clothing outlet is none other than Kanye West’s favorite: Martin Margiela!

Even though these lines won’t be available till November, newly-released videos let’s us know that this line will be available for both women:

…as well as men!

Can you say, “So excited to be wearing a curtain next season!”?