When Will Marnie Move to Brooklyn Heights? Lena Dunham and Now Adam Driver Are Already There

Somewhere in Brooklyn Heights…

Is Brooklyn Heights—America’s first suburb and Kings County’s stodgiest enclave—actually, secretly cooler than Greenpoint, Bushwick or the rest of the borough? What do Lena Dunham and Adam Driver know that we don’t?

As was revealed earlier this week, vis-a-vis The Times magazine and property records, Ms. Dunham bought herself a $500,000 co-op on Hicks Street. And now, we find out from New York‘s Vulture blog that Hannah Horvath’s heartthrob lover in real life lives around the corner, not in some hellhole we imagine to be around the corner from Broadway Junction in East New York. And this isn’t just any Brooklyn Heights abode, but one in the second oldest house in the historic hood (if the local tour guides are to be believed).

A perfectionist and gentle giant with a will of steel, and a man of extremes himself, Driver is hanging around his compact, parlor-floor apartment in the “second-oldest building in Brooklyn Heights, or at least that’s what a tour group said when they were passing by,” he says. The living room is decorated mostly with found or one-of-a-kind objects: a chartreuse mid-century chair that he bought on the street for $60, a log that fell nearby during Hurricane Irene, a used upright piano from Harlem (he plays Rachmaninoff, though he wants to get better at jazz). It’s a beautiful space, simple but with immense care taken to put exactly the right thing in exactly the right place.

Driver sits at a brushed-metal coffee table in tan moccasins and a gray shirt that’s one shade off from his slacks, talking about his childhood.

Far from the slovenly apartment Adam’s character on Girls occupies. But one thing is true-to-life: the crazy diet.

Driver works on his roles on a couch in this apartment, and keeps to a strict regimen of exercise and eating well, which includes six eggs every morning, though he throws away four of the yolks. “It’s good for you, protein and all that,” he says. “I used to eat a whole chicken every day, for lunch. I did that for four years. But it got tiring — go to the store, buy it, eat it. It’s a mess.”

We can’t help but wonder if Alison Williams isn’t already scouting penthouses in the neighborhood, but given her Connecticut upbringing, we can’t quite picture her living the BroBo lifestyle. Thought maybe a sleek place down by the water might suit her tastes.

When Will Marnie Move to Brooklyn Heights? Lena Dunham and Now Adam Driver Are Already There