Winners and Losers: Week of the BCRO Battle Aftermath

UPDATE: Well as anyone paying attention knows, the “Cryan 9” (HT:Kevin McArdle) is now the “Cryin’ 7” (HT:Matt Katz). I guess that’s what we get for producing this list at noon on a Friday. Cryan’s faction was only as strong as it’s weakest link and in this case the link was weaker than the watered down coffee in the statehouse cafe.  Tim Eustace’s and Connie Wagner’s signatures proved to be worth less than Kaz Matsui’s.   Well, at least we have the beginnings of our list for next week.


Bob Yudin

The Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) chairman won a second four-year term as chairman last night in a contest that resembled an old-fashioned Bowie knife fight. While the feud underscored deep divisions in the party organization, Yudin did prevail ultimately, beating an aggressive rival in the form of Golds Gym owner Anthony Rottino of Franklin Lakes.

Gerald Cardinale

The veteran 39th District Republican senator stoutly backed Yudin in a brutal chairman’s battle he finally won against rival state Sen. Kevin O’Toole (R-40). Bergen county insiders could not credit enough Cardinale’s influence in securing Yudin’s return to the chairman’s seat of power.

John McCann

By endorsing the winner in the Bergen County Republican Organization’s chairman’s fight, the sheriff’s office attorney gained stature within the party and secured a title as the BCRO’s vice chairman.

Wayne Forrest

The Governor this week formally nominated the head of the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission and former Somerset County prosecutor for a superior court judgeship. 

Gary Schaer

The vice chairman of the Assembly budget committee hardly appeared ready to be zipped into a political body bag this week as he presided over a successful Moonachie fundraiser and collected endorsements toward his 2013 re-election from Bergen County Democratic Committee Chairman Lou Stellato and Passaic County Democratic Committee Chairman John Currie. Schaer was among the walking wounded in the aftermath of U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell’s (D-9) blowout win over U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman (D-9) in the June Democratic Primary and operatives grumbled about Pascrell payback. If it happens, it won’t carry the sting of an on the line challange.

Richard Constable

The Senate Judiciary Committee this week unanimously approved Gov. Christie’s nominee for the top position at the state Department of Community Affairs. 

Joe Cryan

Disgarded by leadership in a bloody cloakroom battle, the former Assembly Majority leader made a play for relevance this week and scored when he lined up nine members refusing to vote for the budget until they get a guarantee that the Legislature won’t vote on a higher education shake-up until after the November election. Cryan’s victory will likely be short-lived, say caucus members, who trust that leadership will be able to peel off a couple of members to vote aye on the budget next week.

Paul Sarlo

Sarlo received compliments from Republicans and Democrats alike for his handling of this year’s budget.  While the sides don’t agree on the plan itself, colleagues told the committee chairman he handled a tough job fairly.



Yes, Bob Yudin tops this list as a winner and deserves respect for strategically engineering his own re-election bid, but the fact of the matter is he will have an enormous work-load in trying to shoulder a divided and embittered party organization that fought an enervating war against itself at a time when Republicans in the state’s most populous county should be trained on Democrats.

Anthony Rottino

The former unsuccessful freeholder candidate from Franlkin Lakes failed in his bid to succeed Bob Yudin as chairman of the Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO).

Rob Hermansen and Maura DeNicola

The Republican freeholders suffered a loss when their candidate, Anthony Rottino, went down in defeat to incumbent BCRO Chairman Bob Yudin. Hermansen, up for re-election this year, and DeNicola, went all in behind Rottino, and Hermansen in particular didn’t need a gash like this as he looks to land blows on his Democratic Party opponents in a general election. 

John Bencivengo

The feds dropped a multicount indictment on the Republican mayor from Hamilton this week and the new chairman of the Mercer County GOP consequently called for Bencivengo’s immediate resignation.

Kevin O’Toole

The politically shrewd District 40 senator stood behind Anthony Rottino in the Bergen Chairman’s chairman’s fight, going down in defeat with the Franklin Lakes businessman and former freeholder candidate.

Neptune Ambroise, Elizabeth Cano, Krishna Garlic, and Hiver Ambroise

This team of three candidates and campaign treasurer respectively didn’t file contribution and expenditure information as part of their 2008 campaign effort, according to an ELEC slap filed this week. The team, moreover, did not file 48-hour notices in the 2008 School Board Election, ELEC said.

Winners and Losers: Week of the BCRO Battle Aftermath