With Grexit Vote Nigh, Greek Neo-Nazi Slaps Communist Party Member on Live TV

With the June 17 elections likely to determine Greece’s eurozone future, you’d expect tempers to run high. Not cooling anyone’s jets was news that HSBC was testing its Athens ATM machines for compatibility with drachma of all shapes and sizes, or a former Lehman Brothers banker suggesting Greece could save Europe by serving as the region’s “Lehman moment.”

No doubt there were greater indignities, but those two blipped our radar. Then again, no worries, we’re sure there are greater indignities to come. Like this one: The press secretary for Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party assaulted members of opposing parties on a live television program.

First, Golden Dawn spokesman Elias Kasidiaris threw water at a member of the anti-bailout Syriza coalition; Mr. Kasidiaris then turned and punched a Communist Party member.

And you know, duck.