Woman Who Rubbed Her Butt and Peed on a Clyfford Still Painting Blames Bath Salts

Carmen Tisch. (Kdvr.com)

The woman who vandalized a $30 million Clyfford Still painting at the Denver museum dedicated to the artist is blaming the incident on America’s Favorite Pastime, bath salts, a synthetic stimulant that makes people do upsetting things, made up of mephedrone, MDPV and methylone.

The Daily Mail quotes the woman, Carmen Tisch, talking to the news channel Kdvr.com:

“I was a pill popper, heroin addict. I was in the methadone clinic for while…And when I got off the methadone that’s when I started drinking a lot. That’s when I was doing the bath salt.”

On waking up to the news of what she had done, Tisch said she was ‘in shock’.

“I was ashamed and also a little relieved that I didn’t murder somebody,’ she told the channel. “I’m an artist myself. I’m sorry. I’m ashamed about what happened.”