Booting Up: Microsoft Is Making Moves Again Edition

More like Steve “Baller,” are we right? (

Game developers are bailing on Google+. Frankly, we’re impressed they stuck it out this long. [AllThingsD]

Microsoft reportedly close to buying Yammer, a social network just for work. [Wall Street Journal]

Speaking of Microsoft, are they introducing a tablet at their event on Monday? [TheWrap]

Brace for a legal battle over the Facebook IPO. [Dealbook]

Speaking of legal battles, Barclays doesn’t have a lot of faith in Aereo’s long-term prospects.  [PaidContent]

Part of the reason companies like Twitter are annexing downtown San Francisco? The rent’s too damn high in Palo Alto. [GigaOm]

Don’t use Skype in Ethiopia. [TechCrunch]