YouTube Thinks It Can Fix Its Horrible Commenting Problem

Good luck with that.

stupid youtube comments YouTube Thinks It Can Fix Its Horrible Commenting Problem

(Photo: Stupid YouTube Comments)

If YouTube’s commenting system came with an inscription, it might as well be: Give me your illiterate, your half-witted, your homophobic masses, just yearning to be racist. There’s a reason Buzzfeed crowned them the single worst commenters on the Internet.

But Google says it’s been developing a solution.

The news slipped out a YouTube developer session at Google I/O, reports Ryan Tate at Wired.  Responding to a question from the audience about managing negative comments, Dror Shimshowitz, one of YouTube’s heads of product, said Google doesn’t like publishers’ only real tool–turning off comments–because it discourages community. So the company has been working on improvements and expects to have an update “in the next few months.”

The most likely option to manage the anonymous free-for-all, explains Mr. Tate, would be requiring Google+ identities. But Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti offers Mr. Tate another suggestion: using Facebook comments.

“YouTube would benefit from extra distribution in [Facebook’s] News Feed so their videos would spread even faster. And people use their true identity on Facebook so it would help make YouTube comments more civil.”

We’re pretty sure Larry would rather go skydiving without a parachute.