Buying Draw Something Was Not a Mistake, Says Company That Bought Draw Something

Zynga couldn't be happier, insists Zynga.

screen shot 2012 06 28 at 10 57 10 am Buying Draw Something Was Not a Mistake, Says Company That Bought Draw SomethingZynga is trying its best to present its $180 million acquisition of OMGPOP, the New York City developers behind Draw Something, in a good light–despite dwindling usership. The Guardian obliges today by quoting a bunch of Zynga execs trying to explain how not having a sustained hit was actually part of their plan all along.

But even when given an opportunity to explain itself, Zynga reps sound, well, less than convincing.

In a roundtable interview at Unleashed, Sean Kelly, Zynga’s vice president of mobile said:

“Obviously we want to have popular appeal – we want to impact the culture, but we’re just as happy to have something that fans are loyal to for a long period of time.”

Well, of course you’d be happy about having Draw Something fans for life. But did anyone say that was actually happening?

David Ko, Zynga’s chief mobile officer questioned the drop in users based on data that only looked at logging in via Facebook Connect, adding:

“And even if there has been a decline, I would much rather have that game in our portfolio than not. You’re going to see new things coming up soon, there are things we’re doing to extend that brand.”

Can we be old school and respond with a YouTube video instead of a gif?