Your Very Own White House! Rent President Obama’s College Apartment for $2,400/month

Is this where the Prez heated up his Ramen?
When you live in an apartment this small, no room has just one function. Our guess? Study space by day, beer pong locale by night.
We're just doing the math: Risky Business came out in 1983 and Obama moved in here in 1981. Considering the length of the hallway and the slide ability of the floors, any chance Obama donned a pair of Ray Ban's and tighty whites and pretended he was Tom Cruise...if only for a hot second.
Here we have the narrowest closet ever. Perhaps where Barack kept his basketballs, cigarettes and that oh-so sought after birth certificate.
Looks like a children's room now but you could make it your very own oval office.
Why do the lyrics to Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On" come to mind when we see this picture? Here's hoping a sorority girl or two had a sleepover with young Barack.

Ever dreamt of living the life of the most powerful man in the country but can only afford a railroad, two-bedroom share, third-floor walk-up? Look no further.  Your presidential suite awaits you.

What was once Barack Obama’s crash pad in his Columbia University days is back on the market for $2,400/ month. Not a bad deal for an Upper West Side two-bedroom but back in 1981 Obama and his roommate paid a monthly grand total of just $360. Oh, the days.

The Citi Habitiats who are brokering the 142 West 109th St. apartment encourage renters on their website to “Be a part of history… Who knows? You might end up in the White House one day.”

Is there more to the digs then having the easiest was to get a date to come home with you? (“Wanna come see where the President used to live?”)

Zac Kneider of Citi Habitats admits to The Observer, “There is nothing too special about the place besides the fact that Obama used to live here.  It has a bit of charm but it’s no different than the typical apartments that thousands of New Yorkers occupy.”

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