A.O. Scott Zingers: The Tumblr

It’s a rare critic among us who can elevate the dissection of someone else’s work into its own separate art form. The New York Times‘ A.O. Scott, with his combination of whimsical praise and scorched-earth snark, happens to be one of them. His reviews are driven by movie narratives, but they are also mini-lessons on film theory, biting satirical commentary, and extremely literary. It’s worth reading his reviews of movies you aren’t even planning to see. (We still maintain that his Melancholia review might have been as beautiful and poetic as the film itself, if not more so.)

Really though, we read every A.O. Scott review secretly hoping he hated the film, so we can giggle over his  hysterically funny take-downs. (See: Shutter Island, perhaps our favorite non-Observer movie review of all time.) And now there’s a Tumblr for that, too!

Updated too infrequently for our liking–seriously, if you are the owner of this blog, please allow us to send in submissions or at least take a look at F*ck Yeah Rex Reed to see how it’s done– A.O. Scott Zingers take the best one-liners of the critic’s reviews and posts them without comment. A typical example will read something like this:

Semi-abandoned(only two updates in 2012!), A.O. Scott Zingers could be a great Tumblr…nay, a brilliant Tumblr…should it start aggregating a little more from its source. We call upon whomever is running this thing to start updating with more frequency…or at least post something from his review of Katy Perry: Part of Me, in which the critic deftly sums up the experience:

“You would not believe how much Katy Perryness there is in the world.”

A.O. Scott Zingers: The Tumblr