Booting Up: The Internet Is One Giant Out-Of-Office Message Edition

 Booting Up: The Internet Is One Giant Out Of Office Message Edition

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Apparently not content to let Google and Apple have all the fun doling out directions, Amazon has acquired UpNext, its very own mapping startup. [GigaOm]

The makers in Silicon Valley are getting a patent office. Just remember: Don’t feed the trolls. [Bloomberg]

Google decided to make the Nexus Q in America because it cares about fast, not cheap. [Reuters]

GM might come back to Facebook, but the social network’ll have to work for it. [Wall Street Journal]

Facebook has brand-new timeline icons for same-sex newlyweds. One of the first users? Cofounder Chris Hughes, of course. [CNET]

Microsoft lost $6.2 billion on its digital advertising bet, aQuantive. We’d say losing that much money deserves some sort of prize, but then J.P. Morgan would’ve already collected it. [DealBook]