Apple’s Patent Sketch for Video Glasses Is Giving Us Helmet Hair

Ponytail unfriendly.

screen shot 2012 07 27 at 2 15 18 pm Apples Patent Sketch for Video Glasses Is Giving Us Helmet Hair

(Photo: Patently Apple)

In the race to bring a computer to your face, Google has a clear lead, with Google Glasses expected on shelves by 2013. But if Jobesian history has taught us anything, we assumed that when iGlasses (iEyes, if they want to make it easier to discuss) comes out in, oh, let’s say 2014, it will be a sleeker, more socially-adjusted affair. So we were surprised to come across a patent sketch that depicts them as anything but.

The patent, unearthed by Patently Apple, is for a future heads-up display that, “focuses on delivering Retina Display like quality,” but in a smaller format. The whole thing will be powered by a battery smaller than the one in an iPhone. The US Patent Office released the application today, entitled “Display Resolution Increase with Mechanical Actuation.”

But before you go shaving your head, the blog warns that this isn’t a design patent–the graphic merely depicts a “generic” heads-up display. No doubt Apple will find a way to make it look “magical,” before it hits stores. They’re like Disney that way.