Arrested Development Revival To Start Shooting Within Four Weeks

Who could have guessed it would finally happen? After many stops and starts, the Netflix Arrested Development revival, a ten-episode mini-season, is apparently ready to shoot. Jason Bateman, who starred in the three-season Fox comedy, Tweeted a picture with producer Ron Howard and show creator Mitch Hurwitz, and wrote in a caption: “All systems are go. Filming for the new episodes starts in four weeks.” We doubted for years: Arrested Development ended in 2006, after all, actors Michael Cera and Jason Bateman become movie stars manqué in the years since, and the show seemed too diffuse to support a feature film. But we’re ready, and throwing on our Shemalé t-shirts and making some hot ham water in eager anticipation!

<em>Arrested Development</em> Revival To Start Shooting Within Four Weeks