Artists Announced for Frieze Film 2012


Today, Frieze announced the participants in its film series for the tenth edition of the London art fair. This year’s artists commissioned to make new work are Bertrand Dezoteux, Patricia Esquivias, Jimmy Merris, John Smith and Wu Tsang & Nana Oforiatta-Ayim.

Sarah McCrory, the curator of Frieze Film 2012, said in a statement:

“The five newly commissioned artists have varied practices and backgrounds, and are both emerging and established artists. There are some notional connections between the humour in John Smith and Jimmy Merris’ work, and an investigation into place takes two wildly different directions in the work of Patricia Esquivias and Bertrand Dezoteux. Wu Tsang is presenting a new film in collaboration with writer and historian Nana Oforiatta-Ayim – a first time collaboration uniting their interests in otherness and the marginal.”

Frieze London is open to the public October 11-14.

Artists Announced for Frieze Film 2012