Booting Up: Can’t We All Just Get Along Edition

(Photo: Flickr/victoriapeckham)

Nasdaq and Facebook are in a fight. [Dealbook]

Twitter and its developers are also in a fight. [Aaron White]

The fight between Apple and a Taiwanese firm that trademarked the term “iPad” is over with a $60 million settlement. [AP]

But the dispute between Apple and Samsung continues. [Digital Trends]

Amazon Web Services, which hosts as much as 1 percent of the Internet, had an outage Saturday. [Wired]

Then the extra atomic “leap second” wreaked havoc on sites like Reddit, Yelp, Gawker and Foursquare. [BuzzFeed]

“If these names mean nothing to you, trust me: these are famous, successful YouTubers.” [New York Times]