Booting Up: ‘Come On Guys, I Am A Computer Nerd’ Edition

395px kim schmitz Booting Up: Come On Guys, I Am A Computer Nerd Edition

Mr. Dotcom. (

A recent report says Facebook is losing users. [Bloomberg]

Kim Dotcom wrote a letter to the movie business: “Come on, guys, I am a computer nerd. I love Hollywood and movies. My whole life is like a movie.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

Apple didn’t just lose its U.K. patent lawsuit against Samsung over the Galaxy Tab. The judge has also told the company to run ads in British papers clarifying Samsung is not a copycat. [Reuters]

In case you somehow missed it, there’s a whole lot riding on Marissa Mayer’s well-outfitted shoulders. [Businessweek]

If you’re going to Europe this summer, you should know that Google Maps is working on eliminating the need for you to stop and ask haltingly for directions in your high school French, which is the obviously the best part of going to Europe. [The Next Web]