Christie denies Kwon and Harris jobs constitute political patronage

HACKENSACK – Gov. Chris Christie this morning scoffed at the suggestion that public jobs awaiting his failed state Supreme Court nominees constitute political patronage.

Chrstie said the Senate Judiciary Committee made an “enormous mistake” when it rejected his nomination of Phil Kwon, cleared for a landing at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

As for Bruce Harris of Chatham, slated for a job at the Turnpike Authority, Christie said, “I never met Bruce Harris before I nominated him. He’s not an old buddy.”

On that basis, it’s not patronage, argued the governor, who called the Democrats’ Port Authority Accountability bill a shambles.

“A press release with a bill number from (Democratic State Chairman) John Wisniewski,” said the GOP governor. 

Wisniewski’s bill targets one agency rather than thoughtfully aiming at reforming all authorities uniformly, said Christie.

If someone gives him a bigger bill he would be willing to consider giving it his support.