Creative Time’s Next Project Involves Real Space Travel

Part of the Tom Sachs Mars project at the Park Avenue Armory, a Creative Time joint. (Courtesy Getty Images)

This September, Creative Time will launch a silicon wafer containing 100 photos selected by artist Trevor Paglen into space, where it will orbit the Earth from a distance of 24,000 miles, Voyager-style (though not as far). That news comes to us today from Carol Vogel at The New York Times.

The chip will be attached to a communications satellite called the EchoStar 16. More from The Times:

For his project Mr. Paglen culled photographs from sources including Flickr and Google Images, stock archives, National Geographic and museums, finally winnowing the images down to 100. “In the beginning I was thinking of this as an archive, then at the end I realized it was more like a silent film or poem,” he said. The images he chose, he said, tell a story about life and language.

The pictures will be available at the Creative Time website and the chip containing them will be at the Museum of Modern Art this fall.

Creative Time’s Next Project Involves Real Space Travel