Creative Time’s Next Project Involves Real Space Travel

Part of the Tom Sachs Mars project at the Park Avenue Armory, a Creative Time joint. (Courtesy Getty Images)

This September, Creative Time will launch a silicon wafer containing 100 photos selected by artist Trevor Paglen into space, where it will orbit the Earth from a distance of 24,000 miles, Voyager-style (though not as far). That news comes to us today from Carol Vogel at The New York Times.

The chip will be attached to a communications satellite called the EchoStar 16. More from The Times:

For his project Mr. Paglen culled photographs from sources including Flickr and Google Images, stock archives, National Geographic and museums, finally winnowing the images down to 100. “In the beginning I was thinking of this as an archive, then at the end I realized it was more like a silent film or poem,” he said. The images he chose, he said, tell a story about life and language.

The pictures will be available at the Creative Time website and the chip containing them will be at the Museum of Modern Art this fall.