Damien Hirst Plans Monstrous Pregnancy Statue in Devon

“The Virgin Mother.” (Courtesy Flickr user Wallyg)

The seaside village of Ilfracombe in North Devon, England, may earn a fairly unique tourist attraction in the near future.

Damien Hirst has proposed placing a 65-foot statue of a pregnant woman with a sword facing the water. Tenatively titled Verity, it reportedly already has a nickname: the “belly of the South.”

In the mock-up available at The Independent‘s website, the piece seems to be fairly similar to an anatomical pregnancy sculpture purchased in 2005 by Aby Rosen, titled The Virgin Mother. That work is just 35 feet tall, and lacks a sword.

Mr. Hirst, a North Devon native, owns plenty of land there and made news recently when he announced his plans to build 500 sustainable homes in the region.