Dan Halloran And His ‘Twin Cups of Freedom’ Fight For Your Right to Chug Sodas

 Dan Halloran And His Twin Cups of Freedom Fight For Your Right to Chug Sodas

Dan Halloran and his “twin cups of freedom.” (Photo: Steven Stites)

Queens councilman and Republican congressional candidate Dan Halloran supports your right to consume soda in mass quantities. Mr. Halloran participated in “The Million Big Gulp March” rally against Mayor Bloomberg’s large soda ban outside City Hall yesterday. He was accompanied by a pair of women he dubbed the “twin cups of freedom” who wore costumes representing 157 ounce cups of soda adorned with Halloran for Congress posters and the slogan “One small sip for man…one big GULP for mankind.”

Along with his visual aids, Mr. Halloran gave a speech where he defended New Yorkers’ right to drink soda responsibly.

“Only you, not the government, should make decisions about you and your family’s diets. And soda is not inherently bad for you,” Mr. Halloran said. “Many responsible, healthy New Yorkers choose to consume soda in moderate amounts on certain occasions, such as at a movie or baseball game.”

Mr. Halloran also suggested there are far better ways to address the City’s health issues than banning large containers of soda.

“If we want to fix the health problems in this City, let’s start with gym classes and after-school programs, parks and recreation space, and educating people about health issues,” he said.