De Blasio Intervenes In Rangel/Espaillat Recount Fight

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has weighed in on the continuing debacle that is the Board of Election’s efforts to properly figure out who won the Charlie Rangel/Adriano Espaillat race uptown.

In a letter to the BOE, Mr. de Blasio writes, “I am disturbed by reports that may point to a larger set of election administration issues in our city. In particular, I am concerned by the election night vote tallying process in which only hand-written canvas sheets, prepared by poll workers and then reported to the New York City Police Department, are used for totaling election night vote returns, instead of using vote count print-outs directly from precinct voting machines.”

Mr. de Blasio was officially neutral in the race, despite receiving Mr. Rangel’s support in his own 2009 run and working in the administration of close Rangel ally David Dinkins.

In 2010 Mr. de Blasio wrote another letter to the BOE demanding answers to snafus regarding the roll-out of the electronic voting machines. 

The full letter can be seen below:

De Blasio Intervenes In Rangel/Espaillat Recount Fight