Donald Trump Warns ‘Sick & Perverted’ Anthony Weiner Is ‘Trying to Make A Comeback’

The Donald

Reality television star, real estate mogul and former Republican White House hopeful Donald Trump thinks former Congressman Anthony Weiner is trying to make a comeback after his sex scandal last year. Mr. Trump does not like this one bit.

“Degenerate former Congressman Anthony Weiner is trying to make a comeback. He is a sick & perverted man that New York does not want or need,” wrote Mr. Trump on his Twitter page this afternoon.

Last week, Mr. Weiner, who resigned from the House of Representatives last June after he was busted sending lewd photos on Twitter to several women who were not his wife, did a spate of interviews about the Supreme Court’s ruling on President Barack Obama’s healthcare law (including one with this publication). During his time in Congress, Mr. Weiner was one of the most prominent defenders of President Obama’s healthcare reform plan.

Mr. Weiner denies his return to the public eye was part of a comeback effort. In one of his interviews, on WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show, he vehemently denied his recent media blitz was an effort to “put his toe in the water” in advance of a potential return to politics.

“I’m not putting my toe anywhere,” Mr. Weiner said.

(Disclosure: Donald Trump is the father in law of Jared Kushner, the owner of Observer Media Group)