Dreier Collection Asks ‘How Much Would You Pay For Chewbacca’s Head?’

Do you love movies? Like love-love them? Would you call yourself a movie “fanatic” or “buff”? Do you have $100,000 or so in liquid assets lying around the house?

Then get ready to put your money where your mouth is, because for the entire month of July, geeks everywhere will be bidding on movie artifacts from The Dreier Collection. And yes, there is definitely a tie-in to San Diego’s Comic-Con.

Chad Dreier, retired CEO and chairman of the Ryland Group, has spent a lot of time assembling a cornucopia of cinematic paraphernalia. Profiles In History–the auction house that will be running the event on July 28th– notes in its online catalog that Mr. Dreier and his son Doug began creating “one of the greatest entertainment and pop culture collections we’ve ever seen,” which makes sense, considering that the Ryland Group was once “one of the nation’s largest homebuilders and a leading mortgage-finance company.”

As in, we understand why Mr. Dreier is only now willing to part with Gene Wilder’s hat from Willy Wonka. (Estimated price: $20-30k.)

Other “must-have” movie mementos up for grabs include 40 pieces from Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s set (nerds!), a bunch of costumes worn by Hugh Jackman in the X-Men films (a black leather battle suit could go for as much as $50k), and, no joke, Chewbacca’s head from Star Wars ($50-80k expected).

Of course, for those slightly less-wealthy pop aficionados out there, you can always bid on retro PEZ dispensers or The Ridler’s jumpsuit from Batman Forever. We hear it smells just like Jim Carrey.

Dreier Collection Asks ‘How Much Would You Pay For Chewbacca’s Head?’