Eric Schmidt Thinks Mainstream Adoption of Self-Driving Cars Will Depend on ‘How Drunk They Are’

A fair point, good sir.

 Eric Schmidt Thinks Mainstream Adoption of Self Driving Cars Will Depend on ‘How Drunk They Are’

So wry, that Eric Schmidt. (Photo: Twitter)

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt shed some light on Google’s self-driving car experiment at the Sun Valley conference yesterday, reports TechCrunch. Mr. Schmidt thinks that it’s possible that self-driving cars will be the dominant form of transportation within our lifetimes. I know a lot of commuters with high blood pressure who will be happy to hear that.

Unfortunately, according to Mr. Schmidt, the cars do have one big problem that tech can’t solve: They’re programmed never to go over the speed limit.

“The current biggest problem is that it runs at the speed limit and nobody drives at the speed limit,” he said. Ugh, are self-driving cars going to become the new “old people” of the freeway?

Of course, there’s also that pesky problem of getting non-tech geeks to adapt to what essentially amounts to a robot with the power to maim and kill you. So does Mr. Schmidt think the luddites among us will be down to put their lives in the hands of a metal robot?

“Depends on how drunk they are,” he quipped.