Green-Wood Cemetery Unveils Bronze Sculpture of Black Moccasin by John Coleman

John Coleman, “The Greeter.” Photo by: John Coleman (Courtesy Linden Alschuler & Kaplan Public Relations)

On July 28 at 1:00 p.m., Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn will unveil a bronze statue of Black Moccasin, chief of the Hidatsa Indians. The work is by John Coleman and is based on a painting by George Catlin, whose grave is at Green-Wood. The unveiling ceremony coincides with Catlin’s 216th birthday.

Black Moccasin greeted Lewis and Clark in 1804 as they explored the upper Missouri River. The sculpture, which stand six-feet-six-inches tall, is called The Greeter, and it depicts the Hidatsa chief as a man in his seventies in full native dress.

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