‘Guerrilla Weddings’ Trend Piece Not the Gas-Masked Nuptials Thriller We Had Hoped For

As most people who live and/or work in New York City can probably attest, doing anything in Manhattan short of breathing is prohibitively expensive (no offense meant towards those who have been priced out of our rarefied/smog-filled air). While the ritual of joining a spouse in co-habitation may seem cheaper in the long-term than living by one’s self or a Craigslist roommate who eats rocks, in the short-term, this sometimes requires things like getting married, which sometimes requires inviting people to be a part of said sacrament. Which costs, as many who have been married in New York City can tell you, way too much money.

So some folks are going guerrilla. On their weddings.

Sadly, as DNAinfo reports (in what is hopefully the first of many hyperlocal trend pieces to emerge from that hyperlocal newsroom), it does not involve anything too scrappy, like a wedding flash mob in the middle of an Occupy Wall Street movement in the middle of a mass NYPD arrest in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge.

But it does involve being sneaky, and living on the edge of your tuxedo tails. Yes, you can ask: What is this slightly exotic sounding way of getting married that only people in New York would do consistently enough to merit some kind of trend piece about it?

Holding small ceremonies in public or private property without reservation fees or permission. The rogue-style weddings are most popular during the summer months, when weather is more cooperative, and can take place at public spots from Central Park, the High Line and Brooklyn Bridge to private property on Top of the Rock or in front of the Ferris wheel at Coney Island.

Again, not nearly as impressive as on the Ferris wheel, or on a pile of garbage at Fresh Kills, or while swimming to Three Mile Island, but still, the thought of any responsible adult running around trying to get married somewhere they shouldn’t is amusing. If anything, it makes Girls already look outdated and regressive, but such is the pace of absurdist realities as trends in New York City: Relentless.

The next progression here, of course, is ‘Guerrilla Divorces,’ which could involve anything from being on the run from a process server for three months or simply leaving a celebrity husband who belongs to the Church of Scientology. Whatever’s hotter next season.

‘Guerrilla Weddings’ on the Rise as Couples Tie the Knot on the Cheap [DNAinfo]

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‘Guerrilla Weddings’ Trend Piece Not the Gas-Masked Nuptials Thriller We Had Hoped For