Hedge Fund Manager Dubbed ‘King of Tokyo’ Has Left Japan

Have you seen this man?

One minute, Edward Brogan was being courted by brokers at the biggest Japanese banks, who treated the Japan Advisory hedge fund manager to Italian meals and late-night visits to certain, clothing-optional type of establishment. The next minute, he’d disappeared amid insider trading allegation. From Reuters:

Dubbed the “King of Tokyo” by traders, the 53-year-old American seemed to have it all: wealth, professional acclaim and status as a patron of contemporary art. In his best year, Brogan had managed over one billion dollars in his flagship Whitney Japan Fund, although much of that has been withdrawn. Now Brogan is at the center of a probe of insider trading. His Tokyo-based firm Japan Advisory has been closed since regulators imposed a fine and revoked its license at the end of June. The order came after Japan’s securities watchdog determined Japan Advisory had shorted shares in Nippon Sheet Glass in August 2010 on the basis of leaked information that the glassmaker was planning an additional share offering that would have diluted its value per share. It was one of five insider trading cases unearthed so far by authorities after a grinding two-year investigation into allegations of widespread insider trading ahead of public share offerings in Japan. Brogan, who is said to be overseas, has not been charged with any wrongdoing, an none of the current raft of insider trading investigations in Japan has included any legal sanctions against individuals. “He’s not in Japan, and I haven’t heard when he’s coming back,” Brogan’s Japanese-born wife, Junko, told Reuters. “I think he’s being made a scapegoat by the Japanese government.”

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